Affinity Insight Preview: Microsoft Word - Cross References

Presented by Affinity Consulting Group

Affinity Insight Preview - Word Cross References | Affinity Consulting Group Webinar

Every month, Affinity Consulting will share a free preview of the kind of content available to Affinity Insight members. Affinity Insight is law firm training simplified with unlimited access to on-demand content and live training sessions. This month, Affinity Senior Consultant and Microsoft expert Danielle DavisRoe will dig into cross references in Word to help you get the most out of the software you use every day.

Get ready to boost your productivity and efficiency in Word. You’ll learn:

  • different types of cross references
  • how to update cross references
  • how to troubleshoot broken cross references
Join us for this short, impactful session plus an overview of the Affinity training resources available to you!