Business Development Bootcamp: Module 2 - The Application

Presented by Affinity Consulting Group

Business Development Bootcamp - Module 2 The Application | Business Development for Lawyers

July 7, 2022   

1:00 PM Eastern Time

Achieving smart and sustainable growth requires law firms to ensure their approach to business development is strategic, intentional, and carefully managed.

Join Affinity Director of Strategic Consulting Wendy Merrill for a unique Business Development Bootcamp designed specifically for lawyers. Associates, partners, practice group leaders, and firm business development and marketing professionals will learn the skills and methods necessary to generate profitable business in a changing legal landscape. Join Wendy for one or all three sessions for the proven strategies and tactics to grow your firm.

Module 2: The Application  

  • Networking for lawyers – a real world and practical approach
    • Grow your reach, build your bench, and cultivate fans in a way that is comfortable and enjoyable
    • Different types of networking – what works for you?
      • In-person meetings and events
      • Virtual meetings
      • Using social media to network from your laptop or phone
      • Creating and cultivating strategic relationships inside and outside the firm


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Module 3: Implementation and Metrics        AUGUST 16

  • Goal setting
  • Creating a customized and measurable plan that is suited to your comfort level and firm expectations
  • Accountability and metrics
  • Budgeting: money and time
  • Creating and encouraging a firm-wide focus on origination