Change Management

planning your DMS project

Our team remains focused on accomplishing your project objectives, while helping your team adapt quickly to their new technology solutions.

Significant change requires significant experience in management of change, and our industry expertise allows us to provide the insight you need to make smart decisions about your technology investments.

what to consider when planning a DMS

A strong change management strategy can reduce resistance towards new technology, and lead to overall higher performance.

There are a lot of considerations when incorporating new technology - while providing the necessary organizational support that encourages team members to embrace and adapt to change.

First, start by outlining your project objectives including:

  • What challenges do you need to resolve?
  • What features could quickly improve your daily working environment?
  • What existing processes are already working?
  • What required day-to-day tasks are a priority within your organization?

Then prepare your employees to embrace change.

A strong change management policy is imperative in shaping HOW your team will respond to performing under their new work environment.

  • Outline a communication plan to share the project’s goals, the REASONS for the change (the “why”), manage expectations, and actively involve your team members in the decision-making process.
  • Define key roles & responsibilities, including members of your leadership team, that increases buy-in and discourages disengagement.
  • Build a plan to provide visibility to proposed solutions and encourage input on valuable processes already in place.
  • Determine the timing of necessary “shifts” to manage the pace of change to boost team flexibility during pivotal moments.

Wow – that’s a lot to consider when exploring the best way to just get started with a new DMS project. But, don’t worry. We act as your strategic partner not just for technical considerations and solutions, but also to drive adoption of your new Document Management System.