eBook: Legal Ops Starter Guide

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Go from reactive to proactive.

In today’s world, business functions are more interconnected than ever before. Accelerated competition on all fronts and rapidly changing market trends require all business units to be in sync with one another. Further, with increases in regulation, the rise of technology-fueled collaboration, and increased focus on difficult issues like data privacy, companies are facing new, highly complex challenges that require continuous, focused attention from their corporate legal departments. 81% of legal departments report an increased demand for their services as businesses have expanded in scope as well as geography. Legal departments are no longer regarded as ancillary functions, but as primary creators of value.

The creation of a legal operations team is a first step towards shifting a legal department’s role from reactive to proactive.

In this ebook, you'll:

  • Learn about the legal operations function and how it can transform the ways legal departments work.
  • Discover how legal ops can create significant business value through higher-quality legal work, saved time, reduced costs, and better processes.
  • Gain an actionable, three-step approach to implementing legal ops in your organization.
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