eBook: Moneyball for Lawyers

Moneyball eBook from Affinity Consulting Group

Are you building a major-league law firm?

You probably know the story of how the Oakland Athletics Major League Baseball team was built to win. Their general manager, Billy Beane, was able to accomplish this without the benefit of the large player payrolls other teams had.

The principles of Moneyball—finding value in numbers that others fail to notice—can easily be applied to a law firm or any other business. In fact, the business of law and the business of baseball are actually quite similar. Both rely on processes and procedures that have been utilized for many years.

Moneyball for Lawyers will:

  • Explore principles of the Profit
    Formula to Increase Revenue.
  • Share the secrets of calculating and increasing your Profit Margin.
  • Help you put the Profit Formula into practice for a new perspective on your business.

This quick read will propel you to success by learning to build a major-league law firm!