NetDocuments Workflow Analysis

Introducing workflow analysis

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but you still need an annual physical. And, you wouldn’t think of taking a road trip without a quick once-over at your favorite mechanic before heading out. So, are you using NetDocuments in the most efficient way possible?

In a product as big as NetDocuments there may be dozens of little shortcuts that you simply are not aware of. There are also a growing number of add-in features and third-party products that could dramatically improve a document related process. 

Affinity Consulting’s NetDocuments workflow analysis service can help you identify everything from small gaps in training to places where you can significantly improve the way you do things. 

A NetDocuments workflow analysis can help your firm:

  • Determine how your team is using NetDocuments
  • Provide short, concise training sessions to your users
  • Encourage users to share their own tips and tricks
  • Save time and encourage user adoption
  • Look for areas where major improvements can be made
  • Understand how the right add-in or third-party tool can greatly improve workflow and efficiency