Building a Framework to Empowers Law Firm Founders

Gilk Law


Setting up law firm founders for success.

Located in southwest Minnesota, Gilk Legacy Law is a premier law firm focused on business entity formation and real estate for individuals, farms, and businesses. Ensuring that succession transitions go smoothly and that clients have the peace of mind that comes with preserving their legacies, Gilk Legacy Law delivers top-quality legal services and tangible results.

When the founder of Gilk Legacy Law, Jennifer Gilk, set out to start her law firm, she had a distinct vision for her new venture. She knew her extensive legal expertise in the areas of estate planning, trusts, farm/business succession and more would serve her community well; and that the team she was going to assemble would be top-notch. However, she found that she needed a guiding hand with regard to the technology her new firm would use to serve its clients. She needed specialized technical expertise, and she needed it fast—without cutting any corners. She knew she need to have her firm up and running within a short two-month timeline, with critical technology issues also addressed within that time frame.

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