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PatternBuilder Power Series: The Ultimate Guide to Transforming Your Practice

Session 3 - Open AI Overview

Thursday, February 15th at 11:30 am EDT

What Will You Gain?

Are you wasting too much time on endless document creation and revising? 

NetDocuments PatternBuilder and PatternBuilder MAX are innovative solutions designed to revolutionize your document creation process. These tools help streamline workflows, increase efficiency, eliminate errors, and minimize legal risk with pre-approved templates. Discover how these powerful tools can be used by your law firm to optimize workflow and enhance productivity. 

Imagine never having to worry about tedious document creation or error revision ever again! We’re offering you an opportunity to maximize time savings while decreasing compliance risks associated with manual formatting. 

Take advantage of Affinity’s transformative webinar series. In our third session, we’ll talk about Large Language Models and OpenAI/GPT including: 
  • Understanding Large Language Models - What makes a language model "large"? 

  • Tokens and Temperature - Revealing the concepts behind tokens and how temperature affects AI-generated content. 

  • GPT 3.5 vs. GPT 4 - Exploring the advancements in language models and what sets GPT 4 apart from its predecessor.

  • Making AI Work for You - Harnessing the true power of AI with effective prompts and tips to optimize your interactions with AI models. 

  • Generative AI Use Cases - Dive into practical applications and explore how PatternBuilder MAX Studio Apps draft, summarize, and analyze content. 





Learn from Industry Experts

Streamline workflows, increase efficiency, eliminate errors, and minimize legal risk! For SESSION 3 of this ultimate series, you'll want to join our experts to understand the power behind AI. Like the sessions, this one will be 30 minutes packed with everything you need to be successful using these powerful tools!

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