The CBA and Affinity's PMA Partnership Program

Colorado PMA Case


Putting Members First.

Founded in 1897, the Colorado Bar Association (CBA) is a voluntary bar association with approximately 18,000 members. The CBA prioritizes assisting its members in enhancing the quality, economic viability, and efficiency of their practices. As a non-profit organization, the CBA encourages membership by providing highly specialized information, resources, networking, and services that enable attorneys to excel in their practices.
As a forward-thinking bar association, the CBA has always strived to deliver services and resources that benefit members in immediate and tangible ways. Since membership is voluntary, the CBA knew that present and future members needed to continue to see demonstrable value in the CBA’s offerings. However, with the changing landscape of online search and technology-assisted information gathering, it was time for the CBA to innovate, evolve, and enhance the content it delivered to members.

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