Unlocking Your Firm's Potential in 2022: 3 Keys to Building a Highly Effective Law Practice

Presented by Affinity Consulting Group

Unlocking Your Firms Potential in 2022 - 3 Keys to Building a Highly Effective Law Practice | Legal Practice Management

The business of law isn’t what it was a decade ago. The billable hour is dying. Legal services are being commoditized. It’s getting harder to attract and retain top talent. And clients are demanding more for their dollar.

The pandemic didn’t cause these problems, but they added complexity and urgency to the challenges firms were already facing: updating obsolete technology, moving to the cloud, streamlining clunky business processes, and creating work environments that work for everyone.

But change is hard and doesn’t happen overnight. The stopgap measures you employed to get your firm through the pandemic may no longer be adequate. Your pre-2020 goals and strategies may no longer be relevant. Where do you go from here?

In this free webinar hosted by nationally acclaimed speaker and Affinity Managing Partner Debbie Foster, you’ll learn how to apply the lessons we’ve learned in the past 18 months to a comprehensive, proactive plan for 2022 to build a lean, highly effective law practice. You’ll get actionable advice for digging deep, uncovering hidden opportunities, and unlocking your firm’s incredible potential for the coming year and into the future.