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What is Your Law Firm Culture Costing You? 

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What Will You Gain?

Law firm culture is more than today’s buzzword.

A law firm's success depends on effective collaboration and communication among the team. However, without intentional efforts to nurture a positive team culture, communication breakdowns can occur which can cost your firm a great deal. Too many firms struggle with attracting and keeping top talent, effectively delivering top-notch client experiences, and creating a place where team members thrive.

In this free webinar, Lawyerist CEO Stephanie Everett will explore the impact culture and communication has on your firm's business. She'll share practical strategies you can use to build and maintain a strong team culture that fosters effective communication and collaboration.

Together we’ll:

  • Explore why firm leaders should care about law firm culture
  • Identify the real cost a negative culture has on your business
  • Discover strategies for assessing and improving your firm's culture
  • Define best practices for communicating and reinforcing your firm's values and culture

Don’t miss the chance to learn steps you can immediately implement to improve your business and strengthen your team. Join us!






Learn from an Industry Expert

Join Stephanie Everett as she explores the impact positive team culture and effective communication has on your firm's business - and the cost of a negative one!

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Stephanie Everett

Chief Executive Officer