Why Document Management Makes More Sense Than Ever

eBook - Doc Mgmt

Discover a better way to manage client files and find information—from anywhere.

Most lawyers do not have a digital client file that is complete with all emails and other documents, and the digital file is rarely in chronological order. These two shortfalls are the primary reasons why firms still maintain a paper file and an electronic file. Document management systems solve this problem.  Stated succinctly, a document management system is the ultimate electronic document and email filing and searching system which will allow a firm or legal department to easily create complete electronic matter files. Today, unlike 20 years ago, DMS systems are designed to store and retrieve not only what we think of as paper-based documents (PDFs & Word documents), but more importantly, emails and other native computer files. You can find anything at any time and get everyone in your office on the same page. It's one of the few technologies that dramatically improves your level of organization within your office.

In this ebook, you'll:

  • Learn how to use AI to save and organize email.
  • Discover how to save time with full text and Boolean logic searching.
  • Get next steps and overviews of the main players in the legal document management software space.
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