Why Lawyers Should Keep Track of Their Time

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Where is your time going?

Lawyers who depend on timekeeping to produce monthly bills and to be paid are more conscious of tracking time than their counterparts who work in the contingency fee and flat fee arenas. But even attorneys and staff who work in a firm where almost all of the fees are earned on a contingency basis should keep track of time. Frequently, the contingency lawyer's aversion to tracking his/her day stems from a prior position in a firm that required it, or a lack of understanding why time should be tracked if it is not being billed on a regular billing cycle.

We’ve compiled the information in this quick guide to show you how you can (and why you should) use time, billing, and accounting (TBA) software to improve the way you manage your time, improve your efficiency, and better manage your costs.

In this ebook, you'll learn:

  • Six ways TBA software can improve your time management.
  • Five rules for enforcing timekeeping in your organization.
  • The importance of tracking every minute of your time—even non-billable hours! 
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