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Why Technology Alone Won’t Solve Your Problems 

Tuesday, March 28th, 1 pm ET

What Will You Gain?

Sometimes throwing technology at a problem seems like the easiest answer, but technology alone isn’t always the solution! 

Technology is an essential component of what makes a law firm tick, but it can’t do everything. If people, process, and the right change management culture aren’t in place to support the technology you deploy, your problems won’t be solved by the latest software or hardware. The link between strategy and success is strong – and often it doesn’t need the most recent technology to make it work.

Join Affinity Consulting Chief Revenue Officer Beth Thompson when she digs into the trifecta of these three components to secure the solution to any challenge:

  • Ensure the right people are focused on the right work
  • Examine how process, culture and communication contribute to success 
  • Align technology decisions with strategic goals for the firm 

Don’t miss the opportunity to join Beth and her well-rounded approach to problem solving that takes into account people and their behaviors, processes built around how people use the technology, and cultural factors.  






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Join Beth Thompson as she shares her well-rounded approach to problem solving to secure the solution to any challenge.

Beth Thompson - 2022 ZOOM

Beth Thompson

Chief Revenue Officer