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Your Time Management Action Plan: How to Not Boil the Ocean in 26 Weeks or Less

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What Will You Gain?

Time management is a constant renegotiation of priorities. We are all drowning in emails. Constant interruptions and distractions ruin any little momentum we get going. Then there are the "RUSH" requests, on top of the rushed piles already sitting in our exploding inboxes.
Time and distraction management isn't rocket science but it can seem overwhelming. The idea of just one more thing -- even if it's supposed to help can feel daunting. But it doesn't have to. 
Join nationally recognized speaker, author, and thought leader in the legal technology industry Paul J. Unger as he shares his proven strategies to taking back control of your time. Spend these few minutes with Paul - just 30 minutes - and you'll be on your way to implementing your very own Action Plan.

Attend this session and you’ll walk away with:

  • Strategies for managing tasks and distractions 
  • Practical plan of attack tailored to your needs
  • New perspectives on how to increase your daily focus and productivity

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